Sandra Bain Cushman, Alexander Technique, Charlottesville, VA


Sandra Bain Cushman teaches the Alexander Technique to individuals and groups in her studio and in retreat settings. The Technique offers a highly sophisticated approach to mindfulness, movement, and meaning in our day-to-day lives.

Be mindful, move beautifully, and live a more rewarding life!

Sandra delights in bringing the benefits of this rich and rewarding work both to those who perform professionally and to people in all walks of life. One of her specialties is working with children and teenagers (listen). Transform your daily activity. It only takes 20 minutes! (listen)

Mind Body 40 Days

Mind Body 40 Days

Forty daily readings for those who are beginning mind-body practices and for those who are beginning again. The central aim of Mind Body 40 Days is to provide a fresh and lasting understanding of mind-body practice. Because of where and when it is being written, you may find principles of this…

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